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Frequently asked questions


If you have any queries about actREAL, its work, or how you might engage us to work with your school or community group do please contact us by email or use the enquiry form on this site.  You may find the information below helpful in explaining some of the things we are most commonly asked.


1. How do your workshops or programmes fit in with our existing schedules?

 We can deliver the programme at times that best suit the participating group’s needs and availability. This can be as an after school activity or during schools hours; as part of an existing service or as an additional offer.


2. Are all your staff DBS checked?

Yes. All staff will have an up-to-date DBS check presentable before entering the school.


3. What kind of research do you work with?

We focus primarily, but not exclusively, on the social sciences. The key elements we take from the research  are compelling personal stories that convey contemporary issues in society. For this both qualitative and quantitative research can be used creatively.


4. What age group do you work with?

We can work with any age group from primary school children to adults. So 10 - 110!


5. Do you deliver workshops or a programme as part of the school curriculum?

We can incorporate our work into the key elements of the school curriculum, working with the school to ensure that all requirements are met. Areas of the curriculum that actREAL projects fit into include the following: drama, citizenship, politics, sociology and geography, as well as enrichment programmes. We could also support schools with delivering on British values requirements.


6. What are the different ways a school or community group can take part?

There are two ways that a school or community group can make use of actREAL. They can:

  • a) Hire us to directly deliver a project based on existing material or

  • b) Register with us to be considered for participation in future research outreach projects where costs are covered by the research grant.


7. As a community group, are there any requirements that need to be fulfilled for participation?

No,  anyone with an interest in the subject is welcome to participate.