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For schools and communities

Process and Learning

We will:

• Work with people of all ages over an extended period of time or in short, intensive workshops.

• Provide unique educational drama workshops while critically engaging with current issues

• Engage people to learn about new and cutting edge social science research

• Create a safe space for discussion and the development of theatrical skills, to allow participants to understand and apply the knowledge presented to them.

• Create a unique learning experience using innovative and experiential methods


What will be learned?

Participants will come away with a variety of skills and knowledge, such as:

• social awareness

• life – skills

• enhanced drama skills

• empathy

• constructive discussion

• public speaking
• critical thinking
• topic specific knowledge based on university research

• current issues


People of all ages and backgrounds are stimulated and inspired when they engage with our work, through the opportunity to maturely and confidently explore multi-layered issues. We work with students and community groups to create a unique experience and personal understanding of topical issues. 


A typical actREAL programme begins with an interactive introduction giving background to the issue and academic research in an accessible way, using discussion, games, movement, and creativity. This is followed by a combination of workshops, exercises and rehearsals, involving individual and group work, leading to in-depth discussions and a final performance investigating the topic. The programme can be conducted on a weekly basis over a term or concentrated in a shorter period.


We provide workshops that allow participants an individual approach to a topic, working with living material that participants can develop and adapt in line with their interpretations, reactions and understanding.


We can work with a group in various ways – either focusing on workshops only or working towards a final private or public performance. The latter provides an opportunity to share the thoughts and learning developed during the process more widely and creates interesting and stimulating discussion with the audience.


We have worked with both primary and secondary schools as well as a variety of local community groups and can adapt material to suit all or a mix of ages. Working either as part of a regular school day or as an extra-curricular activity we can develop the programme to fit existing scheduling commitments.


How to get involved

Many programmes are directly linked to and funded by an academic project. This is a collaboration between you, academic partners and actREAL. If you are interested in partnering in this way, please get in touch! 

your school or community group can also engage us directly. We will provide quotes for our work according to your needs. 


1) Explore package

actREAL will carry out an agreed number of workshop (1-10) to introduce the chosen topic and create learning and discussion using theatrical methods and exercises.


2) Performance package

Have a series of workshops similar to the explore package and rehearsals culminating in a school assembly and/or public performance.


For both packages, the following topics are currently available:

  • Migrant domestic workers

  • German expellees

  • Undocumented migrant children

  • The refugee crisis

  • Media representation of migration and migrants

  • Government communication around migration


More topics will be available soon. We are also able to devise packages around other topics if you have a specific requirement.


Make an enquiry


Theatre as an educational tool

We use theatre and performance as a communication and education tool, Using theatre allows for a personal connection to the issues considered, offering direct and emotional ways of knowing and understanding. In order to perform and engage with theatrical exercises participants need to relate to a topic, story or narrative from a personal perspective. Theatre demands the development of empathy and understanding in order to convincingly inhabit and perform characters and stories. This requires connecting and understanding to take place simultaneously, combining more traditional academic learning with interactive, innovative and experiential methods.  The active nature of theatre thus offers an alternative learning experience.


Our approach is informed by our experience of theatre, performance and improvisation as well as literatures on curating sociology, public sociology, live methods and in particular critical pedagogy.

“…the students learned new skills and gained in confidence working with new material and performing to a range of people in different settings.”

 Personal Development Curriculum Manager, London 

“Thought-provoking and fun workshops delivered in an inspirational format.…hard-hitting facts and laugh-out-loud drama activities. Good to see less confident pupils engaged.”

 Year 6 Teacher, Birmingham