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Comments from research institutions

“We were particularly impressed by the way they worked with young people in two secondary schools to facilitate the young people’s creativity and reimagining of the script, and their confidence in both theatre skills and understanding of sensitive questions around migration control.
- Dr. Hannah Jones, Associate Professor, University of Warwick

“ActREAL not only have impressive skills and experience of using theatre and drama with a wide range of participants, but they have also worked consistently and with imagination to make academic research more accessible and engaging.”

- Dr. Yasmin Gunaratnam, Reader in Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London

“We wanted to start bridging some of the new modules that have been introduced this year together and really bring lots of different elements of them into one workshop.

“The feedback from the session has been absolutely fantastic and we’re hoping to take some of these ideas back to our classroom so our students can continue to talk about critical social issues in a safe place.”
- Dr. Emily Hart, Criminology lecturer, University of Liverpool

“Working with actREAL was a fantastic experience. From the initial idea creation, to designing our activities, to executing and managing the event on the night: I felt like actREAL really brought out the key parts of our research and made them enjoyable for a wide group of people. In the end, we had over 150 people—covering all age groups—engage with the idea that the news and information we see on a daily basis is only one part of the full picture. actREAL helped us communicate this message in creative and entertaining ways!”

– Dr. Will Allen, Research Officer, The Migration Observatory, COMPAS (Live Friday)


"We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways of disseminating our research findings and establishing reciprocal relationships. actREAL have been fantastic from this point of view. They have an excellent all-round knowledge of research, education, communications and theatre, and the intersections of these areas. They have proven to have the skills to work with academics, teachers, and school students, and to encourage all of us to go outside our comfort zone… In all our dealings with actREAL they have proved themselves trustworthy, reliable, creative, open to ideas and able to deliver high quality work on time and to budget.

– Professor Bridget Anderson, COMPAS Research Director and Emma Newcombe, COMPAS Head of External Relations

"...these activities enable me to learn more about how people engage with information in real-time. As a result, they generate new questions and insights that shape the directions of my ongoing research, sometimes in ways I couldn’t have predicted beforehand.

– Will Allen, COMPAS, University of Oxford (ESRC Festival of Social Science)