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How we can help

actREAL (Research, Exploration and Learning) takes academic research to schools and community groups to create a space of contact, engagement, sensitivity and dialogue on important and often complex issues such as migration, race, identity, and many others. Using research as a resource and starting point and through the medium of theatre, we develop learning programmes that are an experiential learning experience is created for a wide range of audiences.


Using theatre tools, workshops, discussion and performance we provide an environment for participants to engage with the research information and develop the theatre material in their own way to reflect their personal reactions and understandings of the topics. This creates a unique experience every time!


Are you a school or community group? Read more about what we do.

Are you an academic?  Read more about what we do.


Outside our learning programmes we can also:

• provide assistance with writing grant applications

• provide evaluation assistance

“The materials were excellent….The drama activities were excellent – it was really good to add some to my repertoire after 29 years of teaching!”


Year 6 Teacher, Birmingham