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Our work


Social science research aims to understand and investigate humans and their societies, how people live together and change the worlds in which they live. All of our lives are shaped by structures, institutions, politics, the economy and histories, and we in turn help to shape these factors. Research produces new knowledge, insights, understanding, and ways of looking at the social world.


In order to establish a sustainable and broader application of research it is important that academic findings make their way outside academic institutions; making outreach and public engagement with academic material imperative. Often the focus of such outreach is on policy change and political influence, rather than aiming at a more local level. However, communicating with community groups and young people can serve to create a long-term debate, encouraging broader social awareness, critical thought, questioning, and analysis of social issues at a grassroots level.


This is the where actREAL plays its role.

“I have just seen more learning this evening than there is in a whole curriculum”


Nick Clark, Middlesex University